Magic of Atacama

Explore the stark beauty of the deserts in northern Chile’s Atacama region; discover the vast salt plains of Salar de Atacama, dotted with colored lagoons and flocks of pink flamingos. Admire the intriguing rock formations carved into the silent moonscape of the Moon Valley. Feel the heat of the geothermal fields at the El Tatio Geysers as powerful bursts of steam erupt from the earth.

Magic of the Altiplano

Visit the heart of the Chilean Altiplano and discover a stunning setting of lakes and volcanoes with a unique collection of fauna and flora. Explore the breathtaking Lauca National Park with its imposing landscape and blue-steel colored Chungara Lake, one of the highest lake of the world, surrounded by snowcapped volcanoes and flocks of flamingoes. The rocky landscape is home to vizcachas, vicuñas, the Andean fox and other wild fauna while the villages attest to the importance of the region during colonial times.