Luxury Mendoza

Visit Argentina’s finest wineries, indulge in gourmet cuisine and explore the magnificent high Andes mountains. Enjoy a wine tour accompanied by a local wine expert, participate in a gourmet cooking lesson and taste some of the country’s finest olive oil. 

The Road of the Jesuits Estancias

Spend 4 days in the beautiful, peaceful countryside of Cordoba and get a taste of the Gaucho lifestyle: ride along with the gauchos as they complete their daily ranch chores or explore the ranch and surrounding hills on horseback. Learn basic polo skills and watch an exciting polo game or hike to beautiful viewpoints and waterfalls. Relax by the swimming pool with a good book or venture further out and visit the childhood home of Che Guevara or attend a magnificent local fiesta. 

Adventure in Mendoza

Explore the natural beauty of Argentina’s prime wine region and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities; cycle through the vineyards, tour the wineries and taste exquisite regional wines; take a fun-filled rafting trip down a local river and explore the foothills and mountains on horseback. 

Estancia of the Andes

Enjoy luxury hospitality in two classic Argentine Estancias and experience some of the country’s finest mountain scenery and outdoor adventures; spend the first three days at Estancia Rancho’ e Cuero, an elegant ranch wedged between the spectacular Andes mountains and Argentina’s prime wine country. Then travel to the country’s premier ski and mountain resort of Bariloche for a stay at the luxurious Estancia Peuma Hue, near northern Patagonia’s lake district. Take time to hike, enjoy leisurely horseback rides and unwind with fine food and wines.

Luxury Estancia and wine Lodge

Enjoy deluxe hospitality in two elegant Argentine Estancias to get a taste of the gaucho lifestyle and explore Argentina’s finest wineries. Spend the first three days at Estancia El Colibri, a working ranch in the Cordoba region; learn all about the gaucho horse-handling skills, ride through the beautiful countryside and enjoy gourmet meals and fine spa treatments. Then travel to the Mendoza wine region for a few days at the luxury Cavas Wine Lodge; visit local wineries, dine in the region’s finest restaurants, explore the Andes mountains and unwind with a soothing massage.