Exuberant Lush Nature

Go off the beaten track with this exquisite tour to Brazil’s top nature destinations. Start in the friendly northeastern city of Fortaleza; tour the historic center, stroll along the pleasant beaches and enjoy an al fresco seafood dinner. Next continue to Manaus, the metropolis in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Board an elegant sailboat and cruise the mysterious waters of the Amazon; visit local villages, fish for piranhas, observe the meeting of the waters, swim with pink river dolphins and look for colorful birds and playful monkeys. The next destination is São Luis, a facscinating city founded by the French and later occupied by the Dutch and Portuguese. The historic center boasts beautifully restored colonial palaces and 19th century houses decorated with colorful Portuguese tiles. Conclude this tour in the Lençois Maranheses, an impressive dune oasis dotted with fresh water lagoons. Then descend the Barreirinhas river, a leisurely trip along sand dunes, mangroves and small villages.   

Brazil Highlights

Get a taste of Brazil with a visit to the top destinations in the country. Spend several days exploring the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro: visit the historic city center, stand at the foot of the statue of Christ the Redeemer and dance the samba in Lapa. Then fly to one of the most magnificent waterfalls in the world, Iguassu falls and look right into Devil’s Throat. Head north for a close-up encounter with the Amazon rainforest. Sail the mighty Amazon river, listen to the sounds of the forest and fish for fierce piranhas. Conclude this spectacular tour in Salvador, Brazil’s first capital and the center of Afro-Brazilian culture.