Touring the Delta

Explore Buenos Aires as you venture from Plaza de Mayo surrounded by historical buildings, onto La Boca, the birthplace of tango and through the cobblestone streets of San Telmo. Discover what lies outside of the city and see another way of local life. Take a boat ride on the Tigre Delta, a big area of subtropical jungle made up of thousands of small islands and let yourself be pampered at an exclusive lodge.

Tango Experience

Dance your way through Buenos Aires and immerse yourself in Tango in a way that is only possible in the birthplace of this passionate dance. Join ‘Porteños’ on the dance floors of the city’s Milongas. Hone your own dancing skills with the help of professional dancers and learn about the history, tango orchestras, culture and social codes of the tango.

Palermo & Street Art

Find out what makes Buenos Aires one of the street art and graffiti capitals of the world. Discover the works of dozens of artists who are not listed in guidebooks and take a bike tour through Palermo, the largest district of Buenos Aires, home to the Palermo Woods, beautiful landscaped promenades and the lovely Botanical Gardens. Enjoy a wine tasting and learn why Argentine wines have attained worldwide recognition.

Luxury Buenos Aires

Wander down Avenida de Mayo and admire the architecture. Explore the exclusive designer stores and shopping malls in the trendy and elegant neighborhoods Palermo and Recoleta. Bargain at the Sunday Flea Market of San Telmo and stroll around the picturesque La Boca. For an evening of entertainment head down to Plaza Serrano packed with trendy restaurants and bars or catch the spirit of the tango at a ‘Milonga’.

Experience Buenos Aires & Pampas

Discover the diverse city of Buenos Aires. Feel the passion of the tango, wander the grand avenidas, relive history at the Plaza de Mayo and discover Argentinean fine art and artists. Unleash your inner-gaucho and experience life on an estancia while enjoying refined comfort and colonial elegance.