Take me there
Buenos Aires, Australis Cruise & El Calafate

10 days/ 9 nights

This compacted but thrilling journey encompasses the best of Buenos Aires city and historical areas of Patagonia. Tour the key attractions of the city of Buenos Aires, dine and see the most vibrant tango show in the city. Fly south to embark in an expeditionary cruise that follows Charles Darwin’s journey through Patagonian fjords.
Also, live a glimpse of Patagonia in Calafate to admire the grandiose of Perito Moreno glacier. 

On my bucket list
Buenos Aires, Salta, San Pedro de Atacama, Uyuni & Purmamarca

10 days/ 9 nights

This is a one of a kind journey highlighted by travelling through the Atacama desert to the Bolivian salt flat of Uyuni. The journey includes a short stay in the city of Buenos Aires for a tour of its key attractions and to see the most vibrant tango show. In addition, travel to Salta and Purmamarca to see the colorful rocky formations of the Humahuaca gorge. Llamas are also waiting for you!  

Sounds Perfect
Buenos Aires, Cordoba & Mendoza

10 days/ 9 nights

Tango, horses and wine, the three most known characteristics of Argentina’s culture that this tour includes. Tour the key attractions of Buenos Aires city, see a lively tango show, and navigate Tigre’s delta, a very picturesque place in Buenos Aires suburbs. Stay at a prime “estancia” in Argentina’s countryside. Top-it off with wining –and dining- in Mendoza, the epicenter wine region of Argentina.   

Right Place Right Time
Buenos Aires, Bariloche & Punta del Este

12 days/ 11 nights

This tour combines city lifestyle and the tranquility of the Andes mountain range. Visit the key attractions and enjoy the most vibrant tango show in Buenos Aires. Then, travel to Bariloche and Punta del Este, two destinations that are top vacation places for the locals. In Bariloche, locally compared to a swiss alps region, stay at the luxurious Llao Llao resort and enjoy a plentiful of activities. In Punta del Este -the Saint Tropez or the Hamptons for South Americans, mingle with locals in sophisticated style.

A dream come true
Buenos Aires, Salta, Purmamarca, San Pedro de Atacama & Salta 

10 days/ 9 nights

A luxurious journey that blends city lifestyle, rocky colorful scenery, and one of the purest desserts of the world. Tour the key attractions of Buenos Aires city and see the most vibrant tango show in the city. Fly northeast to Salta and Purmamarca to see the colorful rocky formations of the Humahuaca gorge, and trek with llamas. Cross the Andes to the San Pedro de Atacama for a truly purifying experience.  

Ready, set, go!
Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile & Montevideo

8 days/ 7 nights

This city-loving tour encompasses three very contrasting cities in the southern cone: Buenos Aires, Santiago, and Montevideo. With their unique culture, customs, landscape and vibe, you visit all the key attractions of each city, as well as particular places of each destination, such as the town of Areco, nearby Buenos Aires, where the gaucho traditions are still very well kept, and of Chile’s prominent wine regions nearby Santiago.     

I want to be there
Buenos Aires, Iguazu & Ibera

9 days/ 8 nights

Experience the vibrant and lively city of Buenos Aires, its key attractions and a vibrant tango show. Travel north to see one of the true wonders of the world, the immensity of the Iguazú falls. Then, travel to the Iberá wetlands, a hidden gem in Argentina, staying at a prime all inclusive property, where activities and interaction with nature abound.